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[30 Jan 2012|07:45am]
[Death Eaters]
Good news!

P.S. We're going by plane. I brought us tickets and everything.

Private to Death Eaters (will update entry as characters check in) [13 Jan 2012|12:17am]
[Private to Death Eaters + Stella]

All right let me see if I can get this straight. Casablanca has been set on fire by magical fire genies from a Horcrux? And where are you lot? Are you okay? Because if you're not busy, I could use some help rescuing Lockhart and it seems like Rowle has gotten himself into a bit of

Situation: Casablanca market on fire (unsure if contained to the market). Water spells and shields not working.

Cause: Seal containing Djinn and some sort of fire animals. Presumably around Stella's nipple. Ancient, foreign cursed item and something something powerful.

Everyone's Location
Lockhart: Somewhere near an army of fire animals. Apparently completely useless.
Rowle: On a roof somewhere probably cornered by the Ministry. Has a broom.
Stella: With Rowle.
Eurydice: ???
Alecto: Unfortunately still alive.

[Cliffnotes! Will link to threads where action is happening on this entry if you provide them!]

[15 Dec 2011|03:21pm]
[Death Eaters]

In light of Rodolphus' comments, I would just like to go ahead and solve this Christmas dil crisis here and now. Every time someone says they're not going to get presents, they end up getting something anyway and then if you don't get them something you look like an arse EVEN THOUGH they clearly said they weren't getting anything. And then you have to figure out who gets cards and who gets presents and you can't just get some people cards because they take it so bloody personally. So, what I think we should do is all just put our names into a pile and everyone will buy a present for that ONE PERSON and that ONE PERSON alone, and there will be no exceptions for family and friends and all that nonsense. And that will all work out nicely seeing as we are trying to find these Horcruxes, and it's the least of our worries right now. In a month, we will have been doing this for a year and I, for one, am ready to go home.

Death Eaters [04 Dec 2011|11:02am]
[Death Eaters]

Wasn't something supposed to happen today?

I feel like something was supposed to happen today.

Maybe it was the premiere of that radi

In the midst of mummy attack. [17 Nov 2011|02:24pm]
[Private to Order & Death Eaters]
So, tell me. Are you lot trying to get arrested? Because if you are, keep it up. Very brilliant work there.


Public [11 Nov 2011|02:33am]
[In which Wilkes (and presumably Remus) bump into Rowle]


PUBLIC. [10 Nov 2011|06:50am]
[Wilkes is lost. Again. He bumps into Remus. He and Remus bump into something with scales. They run and Wilkes screams like a girl.]

OI. Whoever you are. I swear if you try anything I will bludgeon you to death with whatever it is I'm holding.

HELP. We need healing potions and fire and torches and food and water and Travers was supposed to get it but he's too busy fancying Lockhart.

IN THE PYRAMIDS, DEATH EATERS. [08 Nov 2011|07:37am]
[Assuming both groups of Death Eaters bump into one another.]
[Death Eaters]

It smells awful in her

I don't think we're alone here.

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